Your Digital Marketing Specialists

2B Digital provide bespoke digital marketing and web development consultancy for small and medium sized businesses.

Why Choose 2B Digital Marketing?

Better Value

Our streamlined team mean we can offer amazing value. Get a more personalised service for less money with 2B Digital.

Industry Leading Team

Two industry leaders head up 2B Digital – with a wealth of knowledge in a range of industries to help you succeed.

Personalised Service

We create strategies that work for you and you alone. Each customer treats your business individually – why shouldn’t we!

2B Digital are like a digital marketing agency, but without the extra fixed costs and complex workflows. You'll work with us to brainstorm, create and implement a digital strategy that will help you take your industry by storm.

How do we work?

  • Initial Audits

    We’ll understand the landscape of your industry to help you identify areas for improvement.

  • Strategy Creation

    We will take you through all the analysis we’ve done to help build a tailored strategy that works for you.

  • Implementation

    We will then help you implement the strategy to make sure you’re making the most of our expertise.


Services Offered



We have an in-depth knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation.

2B Digital have helped many businesses turn their website from an afterthought to a cornerstone of their business.

Whether it's lead generation, Ecommerce sales or content views, we can help your business make better decisions, generate substantially more traffic and explore new opportunities.

Whether it's an ongoing strategy, or a one off link building campaign, we will create a personalised package that delivers the right results at the right price.

Content Marketing

Content is the key to success in modern marketing.

Blog posts, Infographics, product pages, pillar pages - there are so many different content outlets for businesses these days that it's difficult to choose how to emphasise your expertise to maximise traffic.

We can help you create a strategy that simply works.

From understanding what your users are searching for, to the content formats they most engage with, we provide comprehensive, data-driven advice.


Social Media

Social Media can be a real minefield for modern businesses.

Most businesses understand that a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube is nearly essential to success in the current consumer environment.

However, very few businesses embrace the full value of social media, and create the right content, supplemented with the right advertising, to drive long term value.

At 2B Digital, we'll give you a full overview of how social media can drive real value. Then give you the advice you need to implement the right strategy.

Web Design

Your website is now the basis for your brand - it's so important to make a good impression!

We create responsive, beautiful websites that focus on providing the information users require in the most effective format.

We work in various Content Management Systems (CMS), including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

For more advanced use-cases, we  can also develop custom solutions to integrate existing platforms, increase efficiency or help you realise a well-established vision for your website.